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Why should you buy a Carrier Cassette CAV Series?

Slim Design

Other brands

Better Air Distribution

Other brands

4-way directional airflow

Carrier Cassette Unique Feature

Provision for Fresh Air

Additional room cooling

Fully Loaded Features


Energy Saving

Compressor runs at a slower speed once desired temperature is reached, resulting in lower power consumption

Sleep Function

Lets you save energy during off peak hours

High Condensate Lift (750 mm)

Allows your unit to have longer drain lines

Turbo Function

Lets you cool the room at the fastest time possible

Wireless LCD Remote with Large Display

Infrared remote with easy to read large format LCD Display

360° Airflow Design

Allows better air distribution which cools the room quickly and evenly

Piping Flexibility

Allows longer pipe runs for installation flexibility and varied cooling solution that fits your business requirements

Refrigerant (R410A)

R410A is environment-friendly as it does not contain any chemicals that can damage the ozone. It provides better heat transfer and low pressure drop

Carrier Cassette CAV Series Air Conditioner

Product Specifications


3.0 Tr

Model Number



Cooling Capacity

System Power Input

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Unit Dimensions ( W x H x D)

Unit Weight

Sound Level (Low)




12,500 - 38,400 kJ/Hr

685 - 3,550 Watts

10.8 - 18.2 kJ/W-Hr

840 x 245 x 840 mm

31.0 Kg

47.0 dB (A)





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