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Why should you buy a

Carrier Floor Mounted CFV Series?

Fully Loaded Features


Energy Saving

Compressor runs at a slower speed once desired temperature is reached, resulting in lower power consumption

Sleep Mode

The unit automatically increases its temperature setting by 1°C after an hour, saving you energy

20% Higher Airflow

Allows the unit to cool large commercial areas immediately

Smaller Footprint

Fits in most indoor commercial

space easily

Self Diagnostic

Safety protection features ensure durability and reliability

LCD Display on Panel

Unit has mounted LCD display with function buttons for easy access

Child Lock Function

Saves you from the hassle of your preferred settings being modified accidentally

Wireless LCD Remote with Large Display

Infrared remote with easy to read large format LCD Display

4 Operating Modes

Unit can be set to Cool, Fan, Dry, and Auto

Auto Air Swing

Distributes cold air evenly with this function

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floor mounted

air conditioner

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Model Codes




Performance Data

     Cooling Capacity

     System Power Input

     Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

     Sound Level @ Low

     Power Supply

     Refrigerant Type

Physical Data

     Indoor Dimension (W x H x D)

     Packaging Dimension (W x H x D)

     Weight (Net/Gross)

     Outdoor Dimension (W x H x D)

     Packaging Dimension (W x H x D)

     Weight (Net/Gross)


     Pipe Sizes (Liquid / Gas)

     Max. Pipe Length


5.0 tr







30,900 - 58,600 kJ/Hr

2,000 - 5,200 Watts

15.4 - 11.3 kJ/W-hr

47 dBA

230 V / 60 Hz / 1 Ph



600 x 1,934 x 455 mm

765 x 2,070 x 515 mm

55 / 77 kg

952 x 1,333 x 415 mm

1,095 x 1,400 x 495 mm

100 / 113 kg


ø 9.52 / ø 19.05 mm ø

50 m



*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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*To get the appropriate cooling capacity, it is highly recommended to have your area surveyed by a CCAC accredited technician.


Have your area surveyed

*The values are subject to change without prior notice

Floor Mounted CFV Series Air Conditioning Unit

Product Specifications

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