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Green Footprints Movement


Climate change is the primary manifestation of environmental degradation, which stems in part from human activity.  Scientific studies have shown that the largest source of greenhouse gases that have intensified global warming come not only from industrial actions but also from people’s daily activities such as operating vehicles, heating or cooling the home, and even using electricity.


Because global warming and climate change can cause catastrophic weather events such as heavier typhoons, water shortages, and unstable ecosystems, every individual must be aware of their environmental footprint – or the impact of their individual choices and actions on the environment –and work to reduce this and make their effect more positive.


Climate change is the most encompassing environmental issue facing the world today, a result in part of human activity that continues to exacerbate global warming.   Climate change has dire consequences for life on earth, which is why each and every person must take part in helping halt global warming by becoming more informed about the effects of their actions and lifestyles on the environment, and taking small personal steps toward creating a healthier world.


This is the reason why Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) seeks to help and change the way we go about our daily activities, through simple measures that all of us can participate in. These simple steps and measures when done collectively, will create a positive impact to help sustain our environment.


“In everything we do internally in the business, we measure, we track, we try to reduce our footprint. We have a crisis coming in our place and the impact of global warming, you’re starting to see it. If you take a frog and you dump it into hot water, it will jump out. If you put it in cold water, and then turn up the heat, the frog will stay there and eventually you’ll have frog soup. And this is really what’s happening to us. The heat is being turned up, and if you don’t address that, eventually, we will end up as soup. This is going to affect not only our business—it’s going to affect everyone in the world,” said our CEO, Mr. Raul Joseph Concepcion.


As a major player in its category, Concepcion Industrial Corporation has made an important decision to lead and drive our industry by strengthening its commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as create greater awareness among consumers of the importance of environmental footprint reduction.


CIC believes that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility.  Thus, it is introducing its consumer education campaign called Green Footprints Movement, a call for consumers to learn more about the impact of the actions and lifestyles on the environment and make easily and practical steps to reduce their environmental footprint.


“The Green Footprints Movement is our advocacy campaign calling for united action towards reducing our environmental footprint. The objective of the Green Footprints Movement is to create awareness through consumer education. People think that it’s something so complicated, but as a matter of fact, it can be as simple as shutting off the lights or using more energy efficient appliances,” stated Mr. Rafael Hechanova, our EVP.


The Green Footprints Movement, will be CIC’s advocacy campaign that aims to educate its employees and the public on how to reduce their environmental footprint and initiate a green lifestyle also through access to environment-friendly choices.





Caring for the environment has always been a key commitment of CIC.  As an industry leader, it exercises responsible stewardship by employing best practices and conducting their operations in a manner that safeguards the environment.


CIC believes that businesses play an important role in creating a healthier environment.  Within its organization, CIC has engaged in various activities promoting environmental sustainability, such as recycling drives.


In fact, CIC has taken its commitment one step further with CCAC being the first Filipino manufacturer to convert to environment-friendly refrigerants ahead of the mandated change dates of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as part of their commitment to the Montreal Protocol.


“Education is critical. If you take this global warming and climate change, it’s not too late. Everything is in our hands. It just takes each of us to start, to each do his part.” – Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO.




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