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1. What is the purpose/objective of this trade in program? - CIC believes that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility.  Thus, it is introducing its consumer education campaign called Green Footprints Movement, a call for consumers to learn more about the impact of the actions and lifestyles on the environment and make easily and practical steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

 “The Green Footprints Movement is our advocacy campaign calling for united action towards reducing our environmental footprint. The objective of the Green Footprints Movement is to create awareness through consumer education.


2. What will CCAC do with all the units that they will acquire during this promo? All traded-in units will be collected by Integrated Recycling Industries (IRI), an accredited agency of DENR responsible for the proper disposal of chemicals such as the refrigerant from the air conditioner units.


3. Is the trade in program only exclusive to those consumer who received an insert from Meralco? This program is in partnership with Meralco. In cases wherein consumers didn’t receive any insert from their Meralco bills but learned the promo from family/friends, they can still avail of this promo and can trade-in their old ACs.


4. If they haven’t received any coupon, can consumer use other coupons (either from their friends/relatives) to avail the trade in program? Yes. Though the trade-in will only happen in MM and nearby South Luzon provinces, relatives from any part of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao may use the vouchers to any of the participating stores nationwide.


5. What is the maximum units that can consumer avail in the trade in? 1 unit, 1 voucher (1:1). Vouchers cannot be summed up to purchase a unit of AC.


6. Can consumer request for the unit for trade in to be picked up by the service center? Yes, it is their prerogative. Are there any charges? Yes, minimum charge is Ph750 to be paid to the service center. To whom it will be charged? Consumer


7. Is this exclusive for all CCAC WRAC products only? Trade-in units will be window-type ACs only How about for the Split type? Split type cannot be traded-in yet due to logistics issues. However, upon availment of the voucher, the consumer may purchase a split-type unit.


8. Can consumer use the voucher to other appliances they want to purchase? No. It is only exclusive for Carrier/Condura WRAC/HW units only


9. What if the aircon unit that the consumer wants to purchase is not on the list, can they still purchase it using the voucher? No. we are only limited to the units stated in the list since the SKUs included in the have been tested under Meralco Power Lab.


10. Can consumer still trade in their unit without prior scheduling it for check-up? Yes, our service centers were already advised of this program.


11. What if there’s no available service center in their area or there default center is not part of the list, where they can bring the unit for trade in? – We are only limited to the list of service centers included in the program.