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Cool Solutions: Four Easy Aircon Life Hacks for Beginners

Air conditioners, for the most part, should be a staple part of a Filipino’s lifestyle. While there are caveats to over usage of certain appliances, an A/C unit’s usefulness knows no bounds, especially since we’re living in a tropical country. But as much as we would all like to use our units for a full 24/7 run, the risk of a high electricity bill and wear and tear would eventually make its presence felt, which is why it would be best to know the ins and outs and proper usage of your unit. Case in point, the average Filipino is found to have only a slight knowledge when it comes to air conditioner usage. We all know how to turn on and off a unit, we all know how to clean the filter, and we all know when’s the right time to turn it off (when you’re already shaking in the sheer cold). With that in mind, we’ve prepared a short list with regards to the “life hacks” of using your own unit, amidst its normal functionality and other possible concerns that may arise during their usage:

LIFE HACK #1: Regularly having your air conditioning unit checked.

They say that prevention is always better than cure. This is true, even for appliances and gadgets. Anything that is used regularly, yet left unmaintained would run itself out and add more to its wear and tear. May it be your car, your cellphone, your laptop, and even your vacuum cleaner, make sure to check the efficiency of its functionality even after only a year of use. A/C units are no different in this regard. Yes, you may have cleaned its filters on a regular basis, but have you ever stopped for a while to give a close listen to its “humm?”  Most of the time, appliances with their own motors produce an unusual sound when they’re not functioning as smoothly as before. Aside from that, there are such things as refrigerant leaks, which would only be noticeable with a complete absent of change in your room temperature. Refrigerants are what helps your A/C unit to produce cool air, hence, a leak would prevent it from cooling your surroundings. If ever you encounter any of these cases, feel free to coordinate with Carrier’s authorized A/C technicians in order to have your unit checked and fixed.

LIFE HACK #2: Timing your usage right.

One of the most effective “life hacks” when it comes to A/C usage is also the most simplest of them all, and there’s only one word to best describe it – moderation. There are times in which you’d receive a friendly advice about not eating too much sweets, as they may cause weight gain and dental deterioration. The same goes for everything in particular, too much of anything good is bad, and when using your air conditioner 24/7 non-stop, it gets so out of hand that you may find yourself with a hefty energy charge for the month. Moderate your usage and be wise in utilizing your unit. If you do not know when and where to start with your moderation, then worry no more as there are current models of air conditioners which were made with that feature in mind. Carrier’s Smart+Cool Series, for example, enables you to limit your unit usage with the help of your cellphone. Yes, you’ve read that right. Simply put, Carrier’s Smart+Cool Series features a Smart Plug, which you can control with your cellphone via a free downloadable app. Through the app, you may be able to monitor and limit your use of the air conditioner. You may set limitations according to your budget, both in Pesos and in Kilowatts, and set a timer for when the unit should be turned off. No other brand has allowed consumers to “talk” with their appliance, that is, up until Carrier introduced their lineup of Smart+Cool air conditioning units.

Now, understandably, there are cases when the A/C unit needs to be turned on 24/7. Most probably, this is due to one of your home’s inhabitants experiencing a medical condition in which he/she needs to be in a cool temperature the whole time. Either that or you are working home on a remote project and you’d need the unit to be on at all times to help you focus on the tasks at hand. In such cases, just be sure that the unit itself is properly maintained. You may have it checked by an authorized technician to ensure that your A/C will never miss a beat.

LIFE HACK #3: Cleaning your air conditioner every once in a while.

This may not seem like a “life hack” to you, but the thing about maximizing the usage of your air conditioning unit is that you should be able to experience the full functionality of it to a satisfactory degree, and an unclean filter definitely clogs out the air passage, thus, preventing your A/C from cooling your surroundings in no time. Make sure to regularly clean it in order to let it efficiently cool down your room (and you save a lot of money in the process, as a clogged filter may push your unit to work harder, thus, it consumes higher electricity, resulting to higher electricity bill). Anything that may clog your A/C’s front panel may cause it to exert more, in terms of trying to produce cool air, and with that, you are only shortening your unit’s lifespan. You are better off cleaning your unit regularly than spending hundreds (and even thousands) in repairs. Lifespan aside, this would also be bad for the inhabitants of your home, as a filter clogged with dust would only mean that the cool, surrounding air will be filled with it, and that’s not good for your family members who may have allergies.

LIFE HACK #4: Properly adjusting the temperature, depending on your needs.

The thing about air conditioners is that they are multi-functional. There are times in which the weather is just too much to handle, so your ramp up the A/C control in order to compensate for the extreme heat. There are also times in which the dampness and humidity are making you uncomfortable, thus, you are still left sweating and icky. Unfortunately, most unit owners would still ramp up the controls to solve this concern, rather than adjusting it midway to even out the temperature. There’s a reason why your air conditioner comes with adjustable control, and that is in order for you to change it accordingly, depending on your surrounding temperature. Now, there are two ways through which you may adjust the settings of your A/C unit. First of all, when using a remote control (if your unit has that particular feature), you have to lower the temperature in order to make it cooler, and vice versa if ever it gets too cold. Make sure to read your instruction manuals for more info regarding this. Aside from a remote control, the usual way to adjust your unit’s cooling settings would be through the manual knob, as was the accustomed way in doing it, even before A/C remote controls came into fashion. For manual knobs, you may adjust it midway or all the way up. We have included a visual aide to further help you out on the specific settings:

Now, remember that the higher you’d crank up the knob, the higher would the unit’s electricity consumption be. In such case, you may need to get a feel of the temperature and adjust accordingly. Don’t just leave it at its highest cooling setting for a long time. Here’s a fun tip for you, most Filipinos set their A/C temperature at the lowest (the highest cooling setting), yet use a blanket due to the extreme cold, hence, wasting a lot of generated energy in the long run. To prevent wasting energy and money, we recommend to keep the cooling temperature at an optimal level, around 22-24 degrees Celsius for the remote and dial #6 for the manual knob.

Hopefully, these A/C life hacks would be able to help you maintain your unit for a lifetime. If you’d need more info regarding this, don’t just rely on your instincts and instruction manuals, Carrier’s A/C technicians and authorized salesperson are always here to answer your inquiries whenever possible. Expert advice from them would still be your best bet when gathering more information about your preferred unit. Give them a call for more info.


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