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The Ultimate Checklist on Buying an Air Conditioner

The notion of buying an air conditioner is pretty much a very intimidating thing for Filipinos. Time, money, and effort would go to waste once a bad decision has been made. In such case, everyone should be guided about the different factors to consider when it comes to buying a unit. People often assume that A/Cs are just like any other appliances, once bought their features and functionalities are all that would matter, without considering the other factors in mind which may affect their usages and other possible expenditures for the foreseeable future. But no need to worry, as we have prepared a long list of things to look out for before finally making the jump, before finally choosing to avail your very own air conditioning unit:


Take your pick!  (The Type of A/C)
There are various types of A/Cs which may catch your interest, each of them with their own unique features and advantages. We can’t say that one is better than the others, as remember, it would all boil down on your decision and preferences. For starters, let us take a few minutes to know about the different A/C types:

a) Window Type Air Conditioners– When we say air conditioner, this may probably be the one which you are most familiar with. Nonetheless, it is actually ideal for first timers (especially for those who do not want any additional installation fees). Of course, you have to make sure that you have a rectangular hole on your wall first, a spot where you can install this unit type easily.

b) Split Type A/C High Wall– Now, this would be the one most recommended for people hoping to upgrade from their window types. Of course, it’s also good for people who wouldn’t want to drill rectangular holes on their walls. Take note that this particular unit would require an authorized installer to put up, hence, why you should be ready for any additional fee. Another reason why it would require an authorized personnel to install is due to the fact that it has two separate parts, one for indoors and one for outdoors.

c) Split Type Floor Mounted– This is usually recommended for mid to large residential areas, especially if you’d prefer powerful cooling overall. It is similar to the high wall, except that the whole unit is on the floor rather than high up on your walls.

For more options, you may visit the official website of Carrier Philippines at

Letting off heat. (Heat Load)
Yes, an air conditioner can cool your isolated space in no time, regardless if you put it at a mid or high settings (See Cool Solutions: Four Easy Aircon Life Hacks for Beginners). However, there are also various factors which may affect the overall temperature of your given space, namely, the number of occupants and the number of working appliances within the same space. Naturally, the human body produces heat. It’s our metabolism’s natural “fire place,” which saves us from extreme cold, especially during the cool, rainy, and winter seasons. Now, the only time this personal heat would take its toll is during the summer season, a very definite occurrence in our country, given that the Philippines is a tropical one. With that being said, if there are many people within your room, the A/C unit would obviously take time to cool down the whole place, given that the more people there is, the more heat would be produced. You may notice this during a crowded train ride towards work, the more people there is, the hotter it gets. Now, in terms of the heat load, the same thing can be said about your home appliances, the TV, the radio, the desktop computer, and even the refrigerator, all of them are heat load contributors, and it would take some time for the A/C unit to cool the place if they’re all simultaneously producing heat. Take this in consideration when trying to avail an A/C. In such case, go for one with a higher HP (horse power).

Size DOES matter. (The Room Dimension/Size)

Simply put, a smaller unit would not be able to accommodate a huge room. This is one of the easiest factor to analyze when shopping for a unit. The bigger your room dimension is, the bigger the unit capacity you may need to avail. Before going to the mall or selling outlet, be sure to measure your space at home, may it be a bed room or the living room, then, proceed to inquire about the units at the selling point with the authorized personnel in order to compare the A/C’s HP to the calculated dimension. When we say HP, we mean the Horse Power, or the rotational power of the A/C unit’s electric motor, which drive its compressor. Have too less of the HP and your room won’t cool down, have too much of the HP and it would get too cold. For more information, you may check out our official buyer’s guide at

Warranting little to no cost. (Warranty)
Each A/C unit comes with a warranty package when availed, hence, be sure to check out the full extent of your unit’s warranty package, just in case something unexpected comes up. Warranty would at least help lower the repair cost, if the need arises. Of course, you should also take care of and keep your Carrier Warranty card to make the service request process convenient.  You may check out the following chart for more information:

Warranty Period:

No Shocking Charges! (Energy Efficiency)
Electric consumption has always been a major deciding factor when it came to buying an appliance. Obviously, people tend to avail those of which that only consume a low amount of electricity, thus, resulting to more savings in the long run, but at the expense of its power to be efficient at your given space. A/C units are no different from this. The good news is that Carrier has a couple of units that are energy efficient. Some of them would feature an inverter technology, an innovation that uses a variable-frequency censor to control the speed of the motor which in fact regulates the refrigerant flow inside the. This eliminates the frequent start-stop cycles, thereby increasing energy efficiency of the unit on the long run without consuming too much electricity. Some Carrier A/Cs also has a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER, the higher the EER is the more efficient an air conditioner in cooling at an optimal power level. And last, but definitely not the least is the Carrier Smart+Cool Series which enables you to monitor your aircon’s power consumption and set the usage level based on your budget. Now you have more control over your aircon’s energy usage to ensure no bill shock.

All of these can help you manage your usage better from time to time.

Getting the fix. (Maintenance Process)
Maintenance and repair may be a drag for other brands, but not Carrier, due to their wide after-sales network. Be sure to contact and coordinate with their authorized Carrier maintenance personnel for more information.

Options, Options, Options! (The Budget)
People often discredit a checklist, all for prioritizing this one major factor – the price of the item. Appliances are admittedly way beyond a couple of thousands, and it is understandable, as they actually do a very efficient job related to their functionalities. A/Cs aren’t exempted from this regard, which is why anyone hoping to avail a unit definitely goes the extra mile in trying to fit in a budget that would enable them to avail a worthy air conditioning system. No worries, as Carrier’s line up of air conditioners would not only allow you to save a huge amount through energy efficiency but also through the preliminary purchase as well. Don’t take it from us, check out their website for more info:

Well, that definitely caught your attention. Everyone wants a freebie. The subtitle itself is just one word, but no doubt, it made you look. Carrier Philippines currently has a freebie system. Call this as an assessment of sorts, which would also help you determine which air conditioner is good for your space. In case you didn’t know, every Carrier unit comes with

Not to be compared to just any form of general cleaning, Carrier actually implements the 21 step cleaning (which is higher than the industry standard) which ensures that every part of your unit would be sqeaky clean and ready to function at its highest potential.

“Uhmm..where can I buy one?” (Store Network)
No need to panic, as Carrier units are distributed by a lot of dealer partners nationwide. You may be familiar with them, especially during your weekend mall trips. Namely, they can be found in Abenson, Robinson, Anson, Savers, SM, etc

We’re the experts (Parts and Installation)
You wouldn’t have to worry about installing your newly bought unit if you don’t know how to. Carrier Philippines have their inhouse installers called Fastcool and parts distributor Totaline aside from their dealer partnerships. They are responsible for helping you out with the installation, so all you’d have to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for the installation to complete.

And that is just some of the important things to look out for before buying your very own A/C unit. For starters, you can download and print out this checklist to help you choose from a lineup of Carrier air conditioners. Feel free to check which ones made our list and which ones didn’t. Trust us, there’s no better way to decide on your own preferred unit than choosing wisely.


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