Debunking 5 Common Air Conditioning Myths

Aug 08, 2022

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Have you ever imagined your life without air conditioning unit? For people who live in tropical countries that experience extreme heat, it would be unimaginable especially for the Philippines. Moreover, we’ve already learned how to live through with it. It’ll always affect our lives no matter what we do, so we tend to adjust our clothing and environment to cope with the heat. Owning an air conditioner is not that simple because you now have a responsibility to take care of it to ensure its optimum performance in the long run. With that out of the way, you probably heard a lot of information about your air conditioner. Some of it are facts, while some could be myths. But don’t worry, Carrier Philippines will be helping you debunk these common myths, so you’ll know how to use and take care of your AC properly. Below is the list of misconceptions that we will debunk:
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Air Conditioning Myths you need to stop believing

Myth #1 – Keeping your thermostat very low cools the room faster

To save humanity from the harmful effects of the intense heat of the sun, air conditioners were invented. It was Willis Carrier who developed the first AC back in 1902. Little did he know, it won’t be too long before it became an in-demand appliance. In fact, ACs can now be found everywhere – malls, offices, restaurants, and residential buildings. For many people, air conditioners equate to comfort and convenience which is why they’re attracted to purchase an aircon the same way that bees want a sweet nectar. 

woman with a blue blanket on a couch starting an air conditioning unit

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence that can prove this claim. Whether it’s split type aircon, inverter aircon, or portable aircon, it will work the same way even if you drop your thermostat into its lowest temperature. Our suggestion is to let your AC function normally and just set your thermostat exactly where you need it. 

Myth #2 – Bigger AC units are better

man with glasses deciding between two air conditioning units

There’s this common perspective that when you see something big, it means it has more power. Truth be told, this does not always apply to air conditioners. What you need to consider when buying an AC is the size of the property that it’s cooling and the horsepower of the unit. For small rooms up to 13 sqms with 1-2 occupants, it’s ideal to use aircons below 1.0HP. On the other hand, for medium rooms up to 23 sqms with 3-5 occupants, it’s recommended to have 1.0-1.5HP AC. While a large room up to 41 sqms needs 2.0HP or higher to achieve proper cooling. Note that proper survey and assessment of the room is still best to know the aircon capacity that fits your space.

Myth #3 – Your AC will run efficiently anywhere you install it

tools used for installing a split type air conditioning unit

Contrary to this myth, choosing the right area for your air conditioner will determine its efficiency. You need to ensure that you place your AC where there’s enough space and air for optimum performance. Unbeknownst to many, applying curtains and avoiding direct sunlight from entering your rooms would help your A/C units be more efficient with its function. This is because sunlight increases room temperature, which means your A/C unit needs to work harder to keep the room cool. Lengthen your unit’s life and durability by simply hanging up curtains. It can also evoke feelings of warmth and comfort as you take a rest. 

Myth #4 – Air conditioners can cause colds

Woman with allergies on a white couch

This is, by far, the most common myth known to mankind. To make things clearer, the cold air coming from your AC doesn’t make you sick. The culprits are usually the air pollutants that trigger your health problems. If there’s mold, bacteria, or virus inside your room, the AC will cause these airborne radicals to circulate. The good news is modern AC units are now equipped with Air Filter Technology that protects us from these pollutants. You can check out Carrier Aircon products such as the Window Type Inverter, Aura Plus, and many other units for more information. 

Myth #5 – Maintenance is only important when AC isn’t cooling

Repair man fixing a split type air conditioning unit

Part of being an AC owner means being proactive in doing maintenance. Why wait for your air conditioner to have problems when you can prevent it? Not to mention, a well-maintained AC has a lot of benefits. For one, it can lower your electricity use by 20% to 30%. In addition, cleaning your filters regularly will also keep your family safe from harmful air contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma. And last but not the least, it’ll save you time and money from costly and time-consuming repairs.

So get ahead of the curve and set a schedule with your technician to have your AC checked to avoid any big maintenance issue. 

We hope that we’ve turned some misinformation to helpful information. You can always get back to reading this article if you’re looking to buy an AC or you want to know how to effectively care for your unit. Meanwhile, if you have questions or suggestions, you can always send a message on Carrier’s official Facebook page and be in the loop for more AC talks when you subscribe to

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