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Carrier Optima High Wall split-type aircon provides powerful and energy-efficient cooling, and has the highest EER among

non-inverter brands.

Helps you save on your electric bill

Carrier Optima utilizes powerful motors with the ability to cool any space in a short amount of

time, and yet save a good deal on electricity. With the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio among

non-inverter brands, you get relaxed cooling with no worries on your electric bill!


Cleans the air you breathe

Because you spend a lot of time at home, your air has to be clean and safe.

Unlike other non-inverter aircons, Carrier Optima keeps your air free from airborne bacteria and viruses.


The Bio-Filter catches the tiniest dust particles that might carry bacteria and fungi. Then, the Silver Ion Filter releases Silver ions that dissolve these microbes’ cell walls with biological enzymes, effectively destroying and eliminating them from your home.


Now you’re assured of clean air indoors!

Cools your space quickly

With its Optimized System Design, Carrier Optima is built with a more powerful yet compact compressor. Its additional cooling coils and 4-speed Turbo fan speed also ensure that cool air is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the room.


No more long waiting time!


Get a cool gentle breeze everywhere you go

The Carrier Optima’s remote control comes with a built-in temperature control sensor integrated

with the unit itself. When the Follow Me function is activated, the thermostat is regulated according to the temperature around the remote control. Then, the air flow direction is also adjusted to where the remote is located.

A cool breeze virtually follows you wherever you are in the room!


Powerful and quiet cooling comfort


The larger cross fan delivers a greater air blow distance, as well as bigger air flow volume. As powerful as it is, you still get lower sound levels with the Carrier Optima’s state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. Stronger cooling power plus less noise equals unsurpassed comfort!


Protect your unit’s coils

Blue Fin Coating – Allows the unit to withstand corrosive elements like humid air and rain, improving heat exchange and guaranteeing a longer unit lifespan in humid environments.


Know when repairs are needed

Leak Detection – Indicates when there is a leak in the unit, alerting you to call for repairs



Other Cutting-Edge Features

Keep your preferred vent angle

Louver Memory Position – When starting the unit, the louvers or vents will restore to the angle originally set by the user.


Achieve a pleasant room temperature

Sleep Mode – Enables the unit to increase the set temperature automatically by 1°C per hour for the first 2 hours, providing maximum comfort during sleep.


Let us help you find the perfect

high wall

split type

based on your need

Carrier promises to go above and beyond to deliver high quality products because we believe you deserve to live life uninterrupted.

Carrier Split aircons go through rigorous testing to ensure that you get the quality you deserve.

Our customer care team and partners are always on standby, ready to cater to your every need.

We stock up on original parts so your split type air conditioner can be in tiptop shape despite several years of use.

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Product Specifications

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Authorized Carrier Aircon Philippines technicians undergo extensive training so you can be assured that your unit will be in good hands.


Operation resumes as before

Auto Restart – In case of power outage, the unit will automatically restart when power is

restored. No need to turn your unit on manually.


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