A High Choice at a Lower Price: The Advantages of Choosing a High Wall Split Type Aircon

Mar 12, 2022

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For a lot of air conditioner owners, while we’ve been experiencing the cool, cozy air within the comfort of our room, we know that we all deserve something better, something that combines convenience with ingenuity.
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design and aesthetics of split type aircon in the middle of a living room

As Filipinos, we know the value of money and the core value of convenience itself. For a lot of air conditioner owners, while we’ve been experiencing the cool, cozy air within the comfort of our room, we know that we all deserve something better, something that combines convenience with ingenuity. The same goes for potential owners, hoping to experience the wonders of an A/C unit for the very first time. This is why buyers and consumers are much wiser than they were before, setting time to do their own research regarding the product itself, in order to determine if they’d really get a probable value for their money or not. This was made even easier in recent years, with the rise of social media and appliance websites serving as a “front page” for product reviews.

With that in mind, the same thing can obviously be said about High Wall Split Type Air conditioners. Aircons have evolved over the years, from the usual window type aircon to the split-type high wall. As the advancement in technology emanated throughout the years, many aspects of our home appliances underwent the same progressive changes, making them more convenient to use daily. Consider this an upgrade of sorts. You may ask, “What do High Wall Split Type Air conditioners have that other types of air conditioners don’t?” Well, no need to look further than our very own list of pros and features. Take note that these are just a few of the many advantages of choosing a high wall split type and that you may come across more modern features as the years go by.

First, what is a High Wall Split Type Air conditioner?

Here’s an encyclopedic definition of a split-type aircon:

“A split system is an air-conditioning system that uses refrigerant as the heat exchange fluid and has an evaporator, compressor, and condenser as separate components. In most modern commercial applications, the compressor and condenser are combined into a single piece of equipment called a condensing unit. Refrigerant piping is custom designed to meet the physical requirements of each individual application, and thus, connects the system components.”

The mere fact that it has various components says so much as to why it was called a split type. If you’re wondering where the term “high wall” came from, it is simply because, unlike window-type air conditioners, high walls are placed a lot higher. Believe it or not, some window types are even placed lower than your waist level, high wall types on the other hand are much more utilized when placed way up. This is because they are much more optimized to cool down a whole room or space when above head level. (Also check our video: Which Type of Air Conditioner Unit Is The Best One For You)


Carrier High Wall Split Type Aircon

Okay, so why are Split Type Air conditioners better than Window Types?

They are more advantageous to use due to a couple of things, namely:


They are far quieter than window types.

We’ve all had that experience with window types before. May it be during our college days or our working days in the office, we’ve all tried to focus on finishing our work or studies, only to be distracted by the loud humming of the window-type air conditioner. Of course, this is not to denote those types in a negative way, however, things could be better in the long run, and Split Types provide that well-needed silence whenever you need to concentrate.


No huge hole in the wall.

Window types would require a huge rectangular hole on your wall, high wall air conditioners don’t (at least only a small tubular hole). Aside from that, not everyone is an air conditioner technician. In fact, not everyone who avails themselves of a particular appliance knows how to fully operate such an appliance at first glance. Yes, simple usages can be learned through the instruction manual, but how about those appliances or gadgets which require a major installation? Air conditioners are a fickle thing to handle, and riskier to mess up, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. Most of the time, we leave all the hard work to the installation technicians, but it is such a relief that Split Types are easier to deal with. No ductwork is necessary for a split air conditioning system and only small holes in walls are needed to accommodate the copper tubes and wiring.


They cost less to operate.

In short, they consume a lesser amount of electricity to work. “How does that even work?” you may ask. Simply put, some split type high wall A/C units are inverters, a technology that controls the speed of the compressor motor, to continuously regulate the temperature. So, for example, you wouldn’t want to live out your summer days glazing in sweat and heat, then just simply turn on your Split Type air conditioner and cool down for the rest of the day. Better yet, enjoy the benefits of a lower electricity bill while using your Split Type for the whole summer. If you’re wondering how it even consumes a lesser amount of electricity, it is because, unlike centralized air conditioning units which lose a great amount of energy due to heat exchange in the duct system, Split Types do not use such ductwork, preventing heat or energy loss. It is also important to mention that not all split type high-walls are inverters, the same goes for window types, as they can both be inverters and non-inverters.


They have more control options.

Some Split Types have a climate control option. Think of it as a more flexible way of controlling your room’s temperature. Due to advancements in technology, split-type aircon units have so many control modes that provide you with convenience.


They do not mess with the beauty and style of your home.

High Wall Split Type A/Cs have sleek designs, which is why you wouldn’t have to worry about it messing up with your decorations. It actually adds to the aesthetics of your room space, so feel free to have a High Wall Split Type unit installed in your preferred space, and experience the combination of art and comfort.

Those were some of the common examples, but are there any good recommendations?

In terms of high quality, your best bet would be Carrier’s main lineup of High Wall Split Type Air conditioners. Not only are your options unlimited, you’ll also get great value for your money. So why not check out their website for more details.

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