Wonderwall: Liven Up Your Place with These Fantastic Design Ideas

May 06, 2022

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Who says you’d have to be a natural-born interior designer to be a successful one? Many are intimidated by the fact that their own house and its interiors would need maintenance from time to time. Your walls aren’t going to colorize themselves in the long run, your floors aren’t going to lay out their own carpets, and your comfort room is not going to set up its own shower curtains. Case in point, all the things that you put up in your home have their own functions, and forgetting about their main purposes would only yield style, but no function in mind.

As with all things, there should always be a balance, a yin and yang, so to speak, and with interior design, the perfect balance of function and style should be executed efficiently, if not, perfectly. 

With all of that being said, you are given the opportunity to show off your style, personality, and aesthetic functionality through your choice of designs. This would be best exhibited by the proper blending of your appliances with your space, especially for air conditioners, which, if not placed correctly, would be much of an eyesore, even for your guests. You are the man (or woman) of the house, after all. Your decisions are final, and your creativity is on the line, so what better time to show off than now?


For Modern Designs

Modern design is a usually misused term within the realms of interior design itself. That can’t be helped, as it is a broad term after all. However, one should not forget that its mere definition actually refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette, and the use of materials that can include metal, glass, and steel. 

Perhaps placing your air conditioner would be much easier with this design style; A/C’s are mostly rectangular in shape, your Carrier High Wall Split Type Air Conditioner, such as the Alpha Inverter would blend seamlessly this way, adding that clean, crisp line in your room. 

Furthermore, modern interior design also utilizes simplicity, avoiding any complications with aesthetics’ shapes, which includes furniture choices. A common internet consensus would define modern as sleek and clutter-less. Better stick to that definition for a quick reference.


For Contemporary Designs

Remember what we said about modern designs being all about the clean, crisp lines within a space? Well, contemporary isn’t all about that. Contemporary usually deals with curved lines, much like a half-circle or a non-complicated slice from a complete circle. Nonetheless, you are given limitless options when choosing your aesthetics.

While modern designs allow for a simpler A/C placement, you might have a rough time deciding where to put your unit, in a way that would make it blend with your background. This is where proper usage of colors would come in handy. Most A/Cs are white in color, hence, avoid sticking your window type next to a curved aesthetic, but rather, blend it in with the white walls.

The Carrier Aura Inverter would be the best fit in these scenarios. Apart from being a powerful and efficient Aircon, Carrier Aura Inverter boasts a more fluid grille design which makes it a sleek addition that will complement any room design.

The good news is contemporary is more fluid and can represent a sense of currency with less adherence to one particular style, so mixing up ideas wouldn’t do you any harm, as long as you don’t mix crisp lines with curves.

For Minimalist Designs

Another one of those usually misused terms in interior designing, minimalist is often seen as having too less of some furniture, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, what use is a home with no furniture at all? No, it actually refers to notions of modern design, which is then simplified further. 

Remember when we said you’d have a much easier time with modern designs than contemporary ones? Well, the good news is that this design choice is almost too easy to no effort applied at all. While modern designs are all about clean, crisp lines, minimalist designs are merely about the same thing… but with less of an emphasis on the lines themselves, and more on the overall aesthetic. 

Your A/C unit would perfectly blend in, given that it is placed where the wall wouldn’t go against its color. A Carrier High Wall Split Type Air Conditioner (like the XPower Gold 3 Inverter, for example) would be most appropriate in this regard. Speaking of which, the palettes should be neutral and airy; furnishings are simple and streamlined, and nothing is excessive or flamboyant in accessories or décor. This is in line with our theme, as minimalism is ultimately defined by a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines, with emphasis on functionality at this point.


For Industrial Designs

Industrial designs draw inspiration from a warehouse or an urban setting. Think of it as a stylish form of an incomplete structure, much like your urban style apparel stores. A common online consensus defines this style as:

“A sense of unfinished rawness in many of the elements, and it’s not uncommon to see exposed brick, ductwork and wood. An iconic home with an industrial design theme would be a renovated loft from a former industrial building. Think high ceilings, old timber and dangling metal light fixtures with sparse functional furniture. There may possibly be one or two pieces of abstract art or photography to add a dash of color to an otherwise neutral color scheme derived from the primary materials of wood and metals.”

In this case, your air conditioners would fit right in. Remember, it is all about avoiding any form of eyesore within the space itself, hence, why any form of appliance wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Air conditioners which are white and innovative in appearance would at least be applicable for an industrially designed space. Carrier’s High Wall Split Type Air Conditioners (like the Crystal 2 Inverter and Carrier Alpha Inverter) are perfect examples of this. So, go wild and get creative! After all, this is usually the main choice of interior design for millennials.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many examples, and your goal of balancing function and fashion would greatly depend on other factors, such as the size of the rooms, your preferred wall colors, your choice of furniture, etc. Your choices should always incorporate a perfect balance, with convenience and cool surroundings in mind. Speaking of cool surroundings, Carrier’s lineup of Air conditioners is always up for the job. So,

feel free to check out Carrier’s complete lineup for more details. You may visit their website at: https://www.carrier.com.ph/window-type-aircon/

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