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Carrier XPower Gold 2 inverter aircon is a premium

high wall air conditioner which offers features

that double your savings.

It is a split type aircon that consumes low electricity because of the:

High Energy Efficiency Ratio

condensed piping design

A Split Type Inverter Aircon that Double Your Savings

Oil & dirt cannot stick because of a special layer

Condensed water washes oil & dirt

Always clean as NEW!

Carrier XPower Gold 2 has a unique magic coil that keeps the coils clean for a more

efficient run of the aircon and less maintenance required.

Less frequent cleaning required (from 4x a year to 2x a year)




Cost of General Cleaning

P 1,200

P 1,200

Frequency per year



Cost of GC per year

P 4,800

P 2,400

Cost of GC in 5 years

P 24,000

P 12,000

Total Savings from GC after 5 Years

P 12,000

More Powerful Cooling

It offers wider air distribution and faster cooling because of the bigger fan.

 An inverter type aircon that provide more efficient cooling because of the

 condensed piping design.

Quiet Operation

 It is an inverter air conditioner that has reduced sound pressure for a

quiet and cozy environment

Clean Air with Advanced Filtration

Powerful deodorizing while deactivating bacteria and mold with


Strong deodorizing power
Prevents mold formatio Prevents mold formation

Deactivation of bacteria & fungi with the sterlizing and deodorizing power of


Revitalizing and Energizing benefits with pleasant aroma of the Ginseng extract while enhancing the elimination of bacteria & fungi brought by the NANO SILVER GINSENG FILTER


  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Subtle revitalizing and energizing benefits

*GC cost only covers Labor and Cleaning Materials

The Split Type Aircon Inverter that

is packed with Fully Loaded Features

Carrier promises to go above and beyond to deliver high quality products because we believe you deserve to live life uninterrupted.

Carrier Split aircons go through rigorous testing to ensure that you get the quality you deserve.

Our customer care team and partners are always on standby, ready to cater to your every need.

Authorized Carrier Aircon Philippines technicians undergo extensive training so you can be assured that your unit will be in good hands.


We stock up on original parts so your split type inverter air conditioner can be in tiptop shape despite several years of use.

Let us help you find the perfect

high wall

split type

based on your need

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Outdoor Unit

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XPower Gold 2

Product Specifications

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