AC Troubleshooting: Why Is There No Cool Air from My Aircon?

November 29, 2023

4 minutes
Feeling no cooling from your AC even when it’s running? There are various reasons why this happens.

Below, we’ve explored some common issues that cause this problem and provided some recommendations on what to do.
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Reason #1: Your AC unit needs to be cleaned


Your aircon may be long overdue for a cleaning. Air conditioners must be cleaned at least three times a year to ensure the filters are free from dust and dirt. The debris also compromises the flow of cool air into the AC and your space.

You can clean your AC’s filters on your own using a few household items. With warm soapy water and a soft brush, you can dislodge dust and minute debris stuck to the filter. Just make sure to completely dry the newly cleaned filters before putting them back into the AC.

Reason #2: You’re using the wrong temperature setting


You may not be getting the cooling you want because of your aircon settings. Try using the Auto setting so the AC motor works until it reaches your desired temperature. Aside from helping you enjoy comfortable cooling, the Auto setting can also lower your aircon’s energy consumption, since it automatically switches off the motor once your desired temperature is reached.

Reason #3: The outdoor unit requires cleaning


The AC’s outdoor unit needs to be cleaned regularly as well, especially since it’s exposed to the elements. Make sure to clear debris and other objects like plants around the unit so airflow is not obstructed.

Our certified Carrier technicians can also provide more thorough cleaning for the outdoor unit, including its interior. If you’re still not getting cool air even after cleaning both indoor and outdoor units of your AC, it may be time to call a Carrier technician for professional cleaning and diagnosis.

Reason #4: The condenser fan motor has stopped working properly


The condenser fan motor may be causing the problem if the fan doesn’t start when you turn the air conditioner on. You may also hear some unusual noises from your aircon while it’s in use. In such cases, it’s best to call our certified Carrier technicians for a consultation and AC repair.

Reason #5: Your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak


When your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant somewhere, you may notice that the unit takes longer to cool down your space. You may also notice that some evaporator coils have frozen in spots, which is another sign that your AC has a refrigerant leak. These leaks must be resolved as soon as possible since they can cause higher energy consumption. You may also inadvertently expose yourself and your loved ones to refrigerant poisoning.

If you suspect your aircon is leaking refrigerant, the best thing to do is contact a Carrier technician. Our technicians have the equipment and expertise needed to check for refrigerant leaks and replace parts as needed.

Reason #6: The AC’s compressor needs to be checked


Located in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit, the compressor “squeezes” refrigerant and keeps it circulating so it can release heat to the outside air. This is crucial to the air conditioner’s ability to cool down a space.

An aircon compressor may fail for many reasons, including refrigerant leaks, overheating, and a lack of lubrication. Contaminants such as dirt, moisture, and acids can also cause compressor failure.

One way to keep the compressor in good shape is to get regular expert maintenance for your aircon. You can always call the Carrier to schedule preventive maintenance for your AC and avoid the hefty costs of compressor repair or replacement.

When do you need professional AC maintenance?

While it’s always helpful to do some DIY cleaning for your aircon, the unit needs periodic professional maintenance to remain in the best shape. We recommend getting your air conditioner professionally serviced at least every six months to ensure the performance of its components. You’ll want to follow a more frequent schedule if you use your aircon for more than 10 hours daily.

You can call the Carrier hotline #227 7437 to schedule a consultation or visit for your air conditioner today. Our expert technicians are always happy to help with your AC’s maintenance needs.

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