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About Carrier

The Invention That Changed the World

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the first electrical air conditioning unit. Little did he realize just how much his invention would change the world.

Since its beginning, the air conditioner has spread across the globe, showing its universal applications. Air conditioning technology has rapidly evolved, scaling to fit anything from the smallest homes to the largest industrial factories.

Today, Carrier innovations can be found everywhere. From comfortable and productive environments in homes and offices; to the proper transport of vital medical supplies under exacting conditions; to creating the right settings for production and server storage, we affect countless facets of life

Willis Carrier’s legacy lives on, as the company he founded continues to provide comfort and productivity to households and workplaces through its innovations, all of which are built with energy efficiency and sustainable living in mind.

The Carrier Advantage

The Brand Purpose of Carrier Services

We exist to help engineer indoors spaces that are havens of comfort, productivity, efficiency and safety so that people can be their best.

Carrier - The Air Authority | Carrier Philippines

In the Home

We exist to help make every home a haven of comfort, safety, and efficiency so that people can thrive.

Carrier - The Air Authority | Carrier Philippines

In the Workplace

We exist to help businesses thrive via advanced air and climate control solutions that drive health, efficiency, and productivity indoors.

Our Goal

Powered by the Science of Indoor Living

Our goal is to cement ourselves as the true experts in air quality and climate control.

In short, the Air Authority.

Through research and development in HVAC system-focused science, engineering, and technology, we work towards producing better, healthier air for everyone.

This is expressed in three forms:

We are indoor air and climate control experts.

As the Air Authority, we pioneer advancements in air climate control solutions that make indoor environments more hospitable and comfortable.

We are innovative.

The challenges of keeping indoor environments safe are constantly evolving. As such, we continue to innovate to face them with smart solutions.

We are human-centered.

Our approach puts the well-being of the people in the home or the workplace at the center of what we do.

CCAC has been an ISO 9001:2008 (International Standardization Organized)-certified company since 1998. Since its beginning, CCAC has dominated the industry through its best-selling line of room air conditioners, package equipment, split type air-conditioners, and applied equipment. Today, it continues to offer the Philippine market a wide array of air conditioning products, refrigeration products, and maintenance services. From households to commercial establishments nationwide, the Carrier and Condura brands have set the standard for comfort and convenience—an example other brands have tried to emulate.

The Clients We Serve

The sections below will lead you to more information and options catered to your specific needs.


The following info will benefit customers looking for Carrier products for residential purposes such as houses, condominiums, and apartments.

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The following info will benefit customers looking for Carrier products for industrial purposes such as large scale offices, hotels, and factories.

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Light Commercial

The following info will benefit customers looking for Carrier products that serve large, non-industrial spaces that include expansive homes, SMEs, and more.

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Concepcion Industrial Corporation (“CIC”)

One of the most established, leading providers of industrial and consumer-level products in the Philippines

Among its many offerings, CIC is known to be a leading distributor of air conditioning solutions, refrigerators, building and industrial machines, and consumer appliances.

We operate through 6 subsidiaries

CIC operates principally through six subsidiaries, namely:

  • Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC)
  • Concepcion Durables Inc. (CDI)
  • Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP)
  • Concepcion Otis Philippines Inc. (COPI)
  • Concepcion Business Services Inc. (CBSI), and
  • Cortex Technologies Corporation (CTC)

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