Carrier Aura: Making Holidays More Comfortable

November 28, 2023

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Make sure your loved ones have their most comfortable holiday season yet with a Carrier Aura aircon. Carrier’s Aura line of air conditioners is fully loaded with high-performance cooling and energy efficiency features. Different styles also ensure you can find the right Aura aircon for any room requirement. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of Aura air conditioners we offer.
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Aura Window Type Aircons

Aura aircon window-type models are a great choice if you want an AC that’s easier to install or if you already have a hole provision in your room.

Aside from the easy installation, Aura air conditioners have a clean, aesthetic design that fits in well in modern homes. Users can enjoy energy savings, too, as certain Aura aircon models have an Energy-Savings plug, which is designed to turn on the fan when the AC timer shuts off. This way, you can enjoy continuous cooling and comfort without compromising costs.

These air conditioners are also designed to optimize their energy consumption and provide additional savings through the Econo and Sleep functions. The Econo feature switches off the compressor and fan motor once indoor air reaches the desired temperature, while the Sleep mode maintains a stable temperature until the timer runs out or the AC is switched off.

Four Aura Aircon models to choose from

There’s an Aura air conditioner to meet every preference and need. If you want a window-type AC that can cool down spaces more quickly, you can go for the Carrier Aura Top Discharge Air Conditioner. This model has a wide horizontal vent on top that releases more cool air into the space.

If safe, healthy air is your priority, the Carrier Aura Side Discharge Air Conditioner is a great choice. These air conditioners are equipped with an 8-in-1 filter that rids the air of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odors so users can enjoy fresh indoor air for their space.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to maximize energy savings, you can’t go wrong with Aura Plus aircon models, like the Carrier Aura Plus Side Discharge Air Conditioner. This aircon has an EER of 12.2 and has a rated consumption of only PhP 1.94 per hour of use, as certified by Meralco.

Lastly, Aura Inverter AC models are perfect for those looking for an air conditioner that can provide powerful cooling even during prolonged use. Aside from a high energy efficiency ratio, the Carrier Aura Inverter Side Discharge Air Conditioner also comes with Sleep, Econo, and Timer functions that allow users to further optimize its cooling performance.

All these features make Carrier Aura air conditioners an excellent option for enjoying efficient cooling without worrying about energy costs.

Aura Split Type Aircons

If you’re looking for a combination of sleek features and powerful cooling, a split-type aircon from the Carrier Aura line may be what you’re looking for.

The Carrier Aura Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner comes with a full DC inverter with Eco-Gear technology, which can set the AC to use between 50% to 75% electrical consumption. This can translate to significant energy savings.

Aside from inverter technology, these Carrier Aura aircons also come with smart features for optimized energy consumption. One such feature is the intelligent eye sensor, which detects human presence in the room. If the sensor detects none, it switches the AC to Eco mode to lower energy consumption.

All these energy-saving features don’t compromise these air conditioners’ performance, though. These aircons can quickly cool down any room with 4-way airflow and automatic swing functions, which ensure that cool air reaches every corner of the room. A Breeze Away function also improves relaxation by preventing harsh drafts of cold air.

Aura split-type air conditioners also come with a Silence mode for maximum relaxation. This function reduces the AC’s sound level to as low as 20 dB. This means you can enjoy peace and quiet along with efficient cooling.

Aura Floor Mounted Aircons

A Carrier Aura Floor Mounted Aircon might be a good gift for someone who has everything. This air conditioner is an investment in high-performance cooling and the best indoor air quality. For instance, the Carrier XFV Premium Floor Standing Air Conditioner can create strong breezes, with a 20-meter range of airflow that can quickly fill even large spaces with cool, relaxing air.

These units also provide only the freshest air, thanks to IAQ characteristics that remove viruses and bacteria from indoor air. These air conditioners come with a HEPA filter and an auxiliary filter for trapping dust and harmful gases, along with UVC technology that kills viruses.

An anti-corrosive gold coating also helps these floor-mounted air conditioners stand the test of time. With this coating, these floor-mounted ACs resist damage caused by rain, salty air, and other elements that cause bacteria accumulation. This durability truly makes these Carrier Aura air conditioners a worthwhile investment.

Plus, these units’ slim, sleek design means they easily blend into the aesthetic of the most elegant, sophisticated spaces.

Which Carrier Aura Air Conditioner is your best pick?

If you’re planning to give the gift of cooling comfort this holiday season, consider a Carrier Aura air conditioner. With the intelligent features and energy efficiency of each Carrier Aura aircon, you can give your loved ones the unforgettable gift of safe, cool indoor air they can enjoy all year round.

These air conditioners are also available in a variety of designs and sizes, so you can easily choose a unit that fits any space requirements. Contact us at Carrier PH to get advice on the best Aura aircon for your needs.

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