Carrier Aura: Smart, Energy-Efficient Cooling for Every Space

November 9, 2023

4 mins
The best air conditioning units combine smart features, efficient cooling performance, and reliable energy efficiency. To help you enjoy truly worry-free comfort, Carrier Philippines offers its Aura line of aircon. Our Aura models have smart, advanced features that make them a valuable addition to any indoor space. Keep reading to learn why a Carrier Aura model is the best aircon the Philippines can offer.
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Smart settings for energy efficiency and customized cooling


Aura aircon models come with smart settings to optimize their energy consumption. An advanced feature of Aura split-type aircons is the Intelligent Eye Sensor. The sensor detects human activity in the room and adjusts energy consumption when it detects none. The feature ensures that the aircon doesn’t consume any more electricity than it has to, translating into savings for consumers.

To further lower energy consumption, an Econo Feature turns off the aircon once the desired room temperature is achieved. A Sleep Mode also increases the temperature by 1 degree each hour for the first two hours and maintains that temperature until the timer runs out or the aircon is turned off.

Smart features also allow you to customize Aura air conditioners’ cooling performance. For instance, with the Follow Me function, the remote control sends information on its ambient temperature to the AC. The air conditioner then adjusts the temperature around the remote control’s location. So, wherever you go, you can enjoy cool air as long as you’re holding the AC’s remote control.

You can further control airflow from your Aura aircon with a 4-way automatic swing for the horizontal and vertical louvers. This ensures that cool airflow reaches every corner of the room. You can also avoid the discomfort brought by direct blasts of cold air with these air conditioners’ BreezeAway feature.

Certain Aura models like the Carrier Aura Split-Type Air Conditioner also come with a Silence mode that lowers the aircon’s operational sound levels to as low as 20 decibels. With this feature, you can enjoy the cool breeze in peace.

Energy savings with both inverter and non-inverter models

There are also Carrier Aura aircons with full DC inverter technology so you can enjoy even more energy savings. These models have a nominal power consumption of as low as 560W to help you control your aircon’s energy consumption and your electricity expenses.

You can expect energy savings even from Carrier Aura non-inverter models. The Carrier Aura Plus Non-Inverter model, for instance, has been certified by Meralco to have a power consumption of only PhP 1.94 per hour. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient aircon PH consumers can get.

Whether you choose inverter technology or not, you can expect to save money with a Carrier Aura aircon.

Multiple special air filters

Carrier Aura aircon is designed to blow clean, cool air into any space. Many Aura models have specialized filters to ensure the freshness of indoor air.

Certain Carrier Aura air conditioners, for instance, come with an 8-in-1 filter that includes materials such as bamboo extract, ginkgo extract, and bio-enzyme. This filter not only traps bacteria, viruses, and allergens but also deodorizes indoor air. These features ensure you breathe in only crisp, fresh air.

Meanwhile, some Carrier Aura inverter aircon has a tri-filtration system, which includes a high-density, cold catalyst, and silver ion filters to trap dust, odors, and other pollutants and allergens from indoor air. Features like the Active Clean function also prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. This not only improves the quality of indoor air but also makes cleaning easier.

All these filtration features help ensure that the only thing a Carrier Aura aircon brings into your space is clean, cool, healthy air.

Loaded with convenience and protection features

Carrier Aura models are designed to make your life easy. These aircons come with an intuitive remote control where you can choose settings in seconds. A large LCD also makes it easier to access different functions and set your desired room temperature.

Many Carrier Aura aircons are also designed to stand the test of time, equipped with intelligent sensors that protect against current and temperature fluctuations. A PCB coating also prevents the damage caused by insect infestations. Parts such as the drain pan, the indoor fan, and the filter can also be accessed easily and safely, so you can do some DIY cleaning to keep your aircon in good shape.

Choose the Perfect Carrier Aura Aircon for Your Space

One of the best things about the Carrier Aura line is that it offers a diverse range of aircon models. You can opt for an inverter or non-inverter Aura aircon depending on your budget. These units’ different HP ratings also make it easy to choose the right aircon for your room size.

No matter your needs, you can find the right Aura aircon with Carrier Philippines. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Aura line of air conditioners.

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