Cool, Comfortable Holiday Gatherings with Carrier

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Make this holiday season your most comfortable one yet with Carrier. As one of the best aircon brands in the PH, Carrier offers a diverse range of inverter and non-inverter aircon to match your requirements for size, design, and energy consumption. Our line of air purifiers also ensures clean, healthy indoor air to help keep your loved ones safe.

And if you already own a Carrier product, we also offer expert cleaning and maintenance services to help keep your aircon or air purifier in the best shape. Keep reading to learn how Carrier can help make your indoor gatherings safer and more comfortable.

Carrier Optima: Low Cost, High Performance


Carrier Optima air conditioners come with all the features you need to create the environment you want in any space. These AC models come with a Turbo Mode for faster cooling, while a Follow Me function ensures that you can optimize the temperature around you at all times. 

A Silence mode function also keeps the aircon working at a sound level as low as 20 decibels, so you and your loved ones can truly relax and enjoy peaceful gatherings. Meanwhile, a BreezeAway function ensures you avoid the discomfort of direct blasts of cold air. 

A tri-filtration system also ensures that these aircons provide clean air that’s free from dust, bacteria, viruses, and bad odors. Meanwhile, an Active Clean function prevents mildew buildup and keeps the aircon’s indoor coils dry. All these features ensure you and your loved ones are breathing in only cool, fresh air. 

Coming from one of the best inverter aircon brands today, Carrier Optima inverter aircon also has a 5-star energy rating. Optima window aircon comes with an energy savings plug, which lets you enjoy all these features for as low as PhP25 per day. 

Carrier Aura: Intelligent Cooling and Multi-Layer Filtration

Carrier’s Aura line of aircon is loaded with smart features for efficient cooling and optimized energy consumption. Some Aura aircon models come with an Intelligent Eye Sensor that detects human presence in the room. If it detects none, the aircon is automatically turned to Eco mode to conserve power.

Certain Aura air conditioner models also have a 4-way automatic swing function and Breeze Away features. These features help you control airflow so you can enjoy cool air just the way you like it. Silence and Eco Mode functions to keep you as comfortable as possible. 

Many Aura aircon models also have an advanced, 8-in-1 filtration system that keeps indoor air free of not just dust particles but also bacteria and viruses. This feature helps ensure that indoor air is free from allergens and pollutants so you can have a safe environment for indoor gatherings.

Carrier Neo: Combining Elegance and Performance


If you’re looking for an aircon that makes a statement, look no further than the Carrier Neo line. This designer series of air conditioners stands out for their unique appearance. Each Carrier Neo aircon comes with a linen blend panel grille in elegant gray colors for modern homes. 

You can also opt for more vibrant fabrics in colors like yellow, green, and red. This flexibility ensures that you can easily get an aircon that matches your space’s aesthetics. Available on select Neo air conditioner models, advanced functions like Quiet Operation mode make the aircon even more discreet so you can enjoy peaceful comfort. 

Carrier Neo aircons offer more than just a sleek design. Certain Neo models also offer inverter technology with high CSPF ratings, so you can expect significant energy savings. 

Meanwhile, features like 4-way airflow and draft-free airflow can sufficiently cool down any space without causing unwanted side effects such as skin dryness.

To help ensure safety for your gatherings, many Carrier Neo air conditioners also come with a Double-clean system and advanced filters and ionizers. These components prevent mold buildup and keep the aircon in good shape, too. 

Carrier Air Purifiers: Fill Your Space with Healthy Air


As Carrier aims to help consumers create the most comfortable indoor environments, we also offer air purifiers for thoroughly cleaning indoor air. Carrier’s tabletop air purifier is perfect for smaller spaces, but it’s still packed with features. This purifier comes with HEPA H11 technology that filters out allergens and irritants to help you and your loved ones breathe easily. A built-in aromatherapy diffuser provides even more relaxation, making your indoor space more relaxing and inviting. 

Carrier also offers a more powerful standing UV air purifier for larger spaces. This unit uses UV-C light technology, a photocatalytic filter, and activated carbon to intensively clean and deodorize indoor air and protect it from allergies. The UV light technology is securely enclosed as well to improve the overall safety of your space’s occupants.

With these air purifiers, you can enjoy safe indoor gatherings without worrying about the quality of the air around you. 

Expert Cleaning and Maintenance Services from Carrier

Now is the best time to make sure your aircon and air purifiers are ready for the gatherings you’ve lined up this holiday season. Avoid the hassle and get in touch with our support team today to schedule a visit from our expert technicians. Our technicians are equipped with the right gear and equipment for proper AC cleaning and maintenance. 

Whether you need assistance with installation, repair, or cleaning, our service team is always ready to help.

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