The Benefits of Aircon Cleaning

If you live in a tropical country (like our very own Philippines), an air conditioner needs no introduction. It’s pretty much a must-buy for anyone looking to survive the regularly sweltering heat and keep living and working conditions humane! However, exaggerations aside, aircons are a necessary part of life here, and just like bodies need a balanced diet and exercise, aircon cleaning and maintenance are essential to making sure they stay working properly. If not, you’re looking at an uncomfortably hot and sweaty situation!
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Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should keep your aircon regularly cleaned and maintained by the pros:

1. It improves efficiency

This is the classic argument for why anything mechanical should be regularly cleaned and maintained, as such things tend to wear out with age and use. However, just because the argument
is constantly used doesn’t make it trite; in fact, it’s almost become a life lesson that anyone who uses electronics should know. In the case of aircon, this holds especially true.

Your aircon is more likely to lose about 5% of its total efficiency every year if it isn’t cleaned or maintained. Having it checked ensures that it will give you the best cooling possible, which means you’ll need to wait for far less time for it to cool the room once you turn it on. Now that’s a perk worth remembering!

This improved efficiency leads nicely to our next reason.

2. It reduces energy costs.

Improved efficiency leads to reduced energy costs whenever you use your aircon. This is because it will take less energy and time for your aircon to cool your room and keep it at that temperature when it’s operating at peak performance. This quality is made even more important when you consider that aircons tend to consume more power than many of the other mechanical units in your home. In more concrete terms, a regularly cleaned and well-maintained aircon can save you up to 25% on your monthly energy bills.

3. It leads to improved air quality.

Many modern aircons come with built-in air filtration systems in addition to their cooling mechanisms to make sure that dust isn’t belched out with your cooled air. Some aircons even come with advanced air purification systems that can filter out microscopic particles and airborne viruses, and disinfect the air itself. Regardless of whether you have a standard filter or the more advanced kind of filtering system, dust and dirt can and will accumulate on the filter panels over time, and the process advances more quickly the more you use your aircon. This is significant because the dirtier the filters are, the less effective your aircon will be at producing clean air.

If your aircon is a window type, you may be able to clean its filters yourself by removing the filter panels and using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the collected dust. However, if you have a split type aircon or aren’t sure how to clean your aircon yourself, you could schedule a professional cleaning service to guarantee that the job is done properly and the air you breathe in is cleaner, more refreshing, and better smelling.

4. It protects important HVAC system parts.

Like with all electronics and appliances, the individual components that make up your aircon undergo wear and tear throughout the aircon’s lifecycle. However, what you want to prevent as much as possible is a premature full replacement due to neglect, especially if it could have been avoided by something as simple as regular cleaning and maintenance. In fact, HVAC professionals say that most aircon replacements can be avoided with regular, preventive maintenance.

One of the greatest value-added services a professional HVAC technician can provide is being able to diagnose your aircon and tell you whether any part is worn out or if there’s any need for repairs—all before your aircon completely breaks down.

If you’ve been holding off on hiring someone to clean and do maintenance on your aircon because you feel it’s an unnecessary cost, you run the risk of your aircon’s parts getting damaged. In a worst-case scenario, the damaged part or parts may cost so much to repair or replace, you might as well get a new aircon. Were that to happen, any money you may have saved by scrimping on maintenance would be completely offset by a full aircon replacement.

5. It extends your aircon’s operational life.

Of course, by protecting your HVAC system’s parts through preventive maintenance and regular cleaning, you can expect your system to continue working for much longer. While there is a limit to how long any model can last and keep up optimal efficiency, you can make the most of your air conditioning system by giving it the proper treatment and care.

Don’t forget that an aircon’s systems are interconnected, and one faulty or malfunctioning part can cause an eventual domino effect that can put stress on other components. By conducting regular cleaning and/or preventive maintenance, your system will see better overall performance.

Hopefully with all the reasons we’ve pointed out here, you’ll be more inclined to having your aircon checked up, cleaned, and maintained. After all, when your aircon is working at its best, you and all the others who use it stand to benefit the most! If you haven’t had your aircon cleaned or serviced for more than half a year, we highly recommend contacting your aircon brand’s service center and booking a cleaning and maintenance session as soon as possible.

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