Carrier Optima: Affordable Luxury Built to Last

December 1, 2023

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With Carrier’s Optima line of air conditioners, you can give the gift of cooling comfort and affordable luxury. Whether you choose an inverter or non-inverter Optima model, you can count on energy savings without a reduction in cooling performance.

Keep reading to learn more about the intelligent features you can find in a Carrier Optima aircon.
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Top-rated Energy Efficiency

The Carrier Optima line features various AC models that help users optimize their energy consumption. For instance, the Carrier Compact Inverter Air Conditioner is one of the most energy efficient aircons PH brands offer. This AC has a 5-star energy efficiency rating, the highest from the Department of Energy. With this rating, Carrier Optima users can save up to 85% in their electricity bills.

To provide energy savings, Carrier Optima aircons come with Econo and Sleep modes. When activated, the Econo mode switches off the air conditioner once the desired room temperature is reached. Meanwhile, the Sleep mode raises the temperature gradually and keeps it stable until the function is turned off or the timer elapses.

With these features, you don’t have to worry about the electric bill as you relax in cooling comfort.

Fast, quiet cooling

Whether you choose an Optima aircon window type or split type model, you can expect consistent, powerful cooling performance. Some Optima air conditioners, for instance, come with a Turbo mode that can quickly cool down the space, perfect for getting more comfortable on extra-hot days.

Certain Optima aircon models also come with a Follow Me function. Once this function is activated, the remote control sends ambient temperature information to the air conditioner, so it can send cool air to wherever the remote control is. This way, you can always stay comfortable wherever you are in the room.

Some Optima aircons, like the Carrier Optima Green Non-Inverter Top Discharge Air Conditioner offers 20% wider air distribution, thanks to its broader horizontal vents. This high-volume of cool air makes the air conditioner a good fit even for larger rooms.

Aside from faster cooling, Carrier Optima air conditioners also come with a Silence mode. This function reduces the aircon’s sound levels to as low as 20 decibels, so you can relax and enjoy the cool air without being bothered by unnecessary noise.

Advanced multi-layer filter technology

This holiday season, you can give the gift of clean, safe indoor air with a Carrier Optima air conditioner. Some Optima aircon models come with a multi-pore air filter that’s designed to trap airborne allergens like dust.

You can also find Optima split-type air conditioners with bio-filters that also keep bacteria, viruses, and fungi away from indoor air. Tri-filtration systems even help deodorize air for truly comfortable quality time with loved ones at indoor gatherings.

An Active Clean function also prevents the accumulation of mold and mildew in the aircon’s indoor coils, making indoor air even safer.

Long-lasting, efficient performance

Carrier Optima air conditioners are designed to last, thanks to their smart protection system. These aircon have intelligent sensors that safeguard against damage caused by fluctuations in temperature and voltage.

Features like gold fins and PCB coatings also prevent damage from corrosion and insect infestations. These features make Optima aircon a worthy investment.

A diverse range of styles

No matter what the space’s requirements are, there’s a Carrier Optima air conditioner for it. The Optima series comes in a wide range of styles, including window-type aircons for smaller rooms and high wall split-type air conditioners for larger spaces.

If you’re looking for an AC for a commercial indoor space, you can also check out Optima floor-mounted air conditioners with high-efficiency motors and self-diagnostic features.

Why get a Carrier Optima air conditioner?

Carrier Optima air conditioners let users enjoy the luxury of cool, safe indoor air at a low cost. Smart features such as sensors and Econo mode also optimize the air conditioner’s energy efficiency so you can keep energy consumption and electric bills low. Advanced filtration systems also ensure clean, refreshing indoor air free of unpleasant odors.

Contact our experts at Carrier PH today to learn more about the Carrier Optima series and find the right Optima air conditioner for your space’s requirements.


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