This all new-designer series air conditioner features an easy-fit linen blend panel grille that comes in two luxe colors fit for your modern lifestyle.


Modern Design with Great Performance

Modern Remote Control​

Automatic operation, dry operation, airflow direction, Draft-free care flow operation, silent operation setting, hi power operation, eco, timer off, plasma ion operation, power selection operation, auto restart

Easy access key buttons

4-way Airflow for all around cooling

Airflow for all around cooling

Draft-free Airflow that prevents skin dryness

Hi Power allows to cool the room quickly

Style meets performance with full DC motors

Carrier Neo, Split-type Air Conditioner


Carrier Neo, Inverter Split-type Air Conditioner

With the Carrier Neo, your AC can be in any color* you like! This all-new designer series features a fabric-panel grill in two color options – Tahitian Grey and Onyx Grey – right out of the box.


*Actual colors of the fabrics may vary.

What’s in the box?
  • Outdoor Aircon Unit
  • Indoor Aircon Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control Holder
  • 2 pc Battery (AAA)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate

Brochures & Manuals

Explore our comprehensive manuals and informative brochure to get the most out of your Carrier Neo, Inverter Split-type Air Conditioner

Product Brochure


Installation Manual


Owner's Manual



You are viewing product specifications for the Carrier Neo, Inverter Split-type Air Conditioner – 1.0HP

    • Indoor Unit Net Weight (KG)


    • Outdoor Unit Net Weight (KG)


    • Indoor Unit (W x H x D) in mm

      987 X 210 x 300

    • Outdoor Unit (W x H x D) in mm

      780 x 290 x 550

    • Color

      Light gray/Dark Gray

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capacities available for Carrier Neo?

The capacities available are 1.0 hp, 1.5 hp and 2.0 hp.

What is Draft Free (HADA) Airflow? 

Carrier Neo also features the Draft Free (HADA) Airflow which makes your skin stress free. The flow generates indirect airflow to the user to homogenize the room temperature resulting in better air distribution.

What makes Carrier Neo efficient?

It is also the most efficient out of all the Carrier Split Type Aircon acquiring the highest CSPF of up to 6.8 for more energy savings. This is brought about by its Full DC Technology contributed by 1) the DC Motor Cross Flow fan with a variable transmission of fan speed, 2) the DC Motor of Compressor greatly improving energy efficiency, and 3) the DC Motor of Axial Flow Fan that improves the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Does Carrier Neo operate quietly? ​

Carrier Neo also has a quiet operation mode for both indoor and outdoor units at 20 decibels due to its DC motor cross-flow fan.

What are the clean air benefits of Carrier Neo? 

It also allows the user to breathe in nothing but clean air purified by an Ultra-Pure filter that captures up to 94% of PM 2.5 particulate matter consisting of tiny solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air posing potential health risks. In addition to the clean air benefit is the Plasma Ionizer that catches and neutralizes contaminated particles such as smoke, dust, and odor. Lastly is the magic coil feature, an innovative, self-cleaning indoor coil coating. This allows impurities to get drained out of the unit during defrosting, resulting in an always clean and new coil preventing the build-up of moisture and mold. As a result, odorless air is circulated through the unit keeping a clean, well-maintained, and efficient air-conditioning unit.

What are standard color options of Carrier Neo?

This all-new designer series features an easy-fit fabric-panel grille that comes in two standard color options Onyx Gray and Tahitian Gray.

What are the indoor unit displays?

The indoor unit displays are ECO, Wi-Fi Access, Pure, Timer, and Operation mode -Cool.

What are the airflow directions of Carrier Neo?

Carrier Neo features a 4-way direction airflow with vertical swing (up-down), horizontal swing (left-right), and the HADA Care flow.

What other special functions does the Carrier Neo remote control include?

Other functions include LED display brightness setting, Louver position memory, Timer, Hi-Power for faster cooling, and indoor unit LED Display.

What is the Warranty Coverage of Carrier Neo?

Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor and 5 years on compressor
General Cleaning: 1 FREE General Cleaning within the 1st year of purchase.

What colors are available for the Carrier Neo Fabric?

Colors are Garnet Red, Serene Green, Cedar brown, Imperial Blue Solea, Elegant Purple, Aurora Yellow.

Warranty duration
  • - Parts and labor: 1 year
  • - Compressor: 5 years
  • - Free 1 General Cleaning (within 1 year)
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